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We’re a like you – young and old, infants, adolescents, students, professionals, working people, and retirees. Some of us grew up in the Orthodox faith, most of us are new to it! We come from a variety of backgrounds, but we are united in our love for each other and our love and devotion to Jesus Christ.

The Orthodox faith is the original form of Christianity, and has retained its doctrine, morality and worship ‘unreformed’ and unchanged for 2 millenia. The Orthodox faith has over 300 million members today, and is rapidly growing not because of some slick ad campaign, or theology du jour, but precisely because it remains the Christian Church of the ages forever proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth.

We make up the Orthodox Church in the Tri-City area, and we welcome you to join us.

You are welcome here!

Click here for our schedule/calendar of events. You are welcome to all of them.

Parish History

Our mission Church was formed in late 1997 in Prescott Valley, Arizona where it celebrated its first Divine Liturgy at the Prescott Valley Public Library.

In May, 2000, we moved our services to the offices of Dr. George Rizk in Prescott. As our congregation grew, services were moved from Dr. Rizk’s office to their lovely new home. Services began to be celebrated once a month on Thursday evenings.

On a cold January 13th, 2001, held its first Divine Liturgy at the Monday Club in Prescott, which afforded much needed room for worship, storage, and kitchen.

Soon after the Church began meeting at the Monday Club, a portable iconostasis was purchased. Four large icons were also purchased, and a portable altar built, and on June 30th, the first Divine Liturgy with the new altar and iconostasis was celebrated.

The year 2001 saw the start of three annual traditions:

1. Paschal Picnic and Lamb Roast, first celebrated on April 21st;

2. Gyro Booth Fellowship and Fundraising, over  Labor Day weekend; and

3. Annual Parish Banquet, which was held on Nov. 2nd.

In 2002, our mission continued growing and met several significant milestones. Membership increased. Stewardship increased. Spiritually, the Church was growing, too. Bible studies increased every month. Reader’s services were celebrated on Saturdays when Divine Liturgy was not, providing opportunities for parish fellowship, prayer and worship on a weekly basis.

In 2003, the parish was incorporated and officially received under the Greek Orthodox Diocese of San Francisco.

In 2006, Archimandrite Gabriel (Cooke) of blessed memory came on board as the first full-time priest. Fr. Gabriel was a long time Arizona priest and well known for his missionary zeal and experience. He fell asleep in the Lord in September of 2009. Memory Eternal!

Fr. Bill Clarke continues to help out, celebrating liturgy, preaching and offer pastoral guidance to the parish, living right here in Prescott.

The parish moved again, in 2008, to the Gurley Street location, and quickly grew to fill the new worship space and parking.

In Sept. 2009, we received the news that our parish was officially placed under the heavenly protection of the St. George the Great Martyr, and we have more than outgrown our current facility and are searching for a new place to worship – where we can all fit!

You can be part of the next chapter in our history.