Community Profile

Welcome to St. George Church!

This page will give you a little information about our community.

Growth Rate

St. George Church is a growing parish. While many missions and churches are experiencing a decline in membership, commitment and giving, St. George is growing by the grace of God. Infants, Toddlers, Children, Teens, College students,  Singles, young families, professionals, empty-nesters, older couples, widows, widowers and seniors all call St. George their spiritual home. In short, we have made the Lord’s house in Prescott a comfortable and welcome home for all.

As a part of our missionary outreach, we consider opportunities for learning and education a principle concern. Inquirers have a clear path to enter the Church, beginning with our New Member Class, a series of Catechumen classes, Living Faith classes, and culminating in their entrance into the Church and enrollment as members and stewards of St. George.

We believe that there is no maintenance crew in the Church. You’re either part of the building crew, or the wrecking crew. We want to be builders.

Financial Responsibility & Accountability

Money isn’t nothing. It is something which we must be faithful stewards of. The normal state of our parish is one of complete transparency, and the hard work of members of the Parish Council has been with this in mind. Times are tough, and while this calls for discernment, it also calls for action.

Our parish, for several years now, has kept annual expenses below budgeted amounts, (a remarkable feat even during this uncertain and difficult times) and the parish has exceeded budgeted income in those same years.

What does this mean? Two things;

1 – That the responsibility to do right by the community is a paramount concern of the members of the Parish Council, and that they are discharging their financial responsibilities with prayer, care and discipline;

2 – That the confidence and faith exhibited by the faithful is acknowledged, encouraged, and demonstrated by support of the Body of Christ in faith.

St. George Church is a community of faith, first and foremost, and we expect the Church to have demonstrable financial responsibility at the highest ethical standard.

Charitable Outreach

St. George takes at least 10% of our annual income and distributes it to local, regional and international charities. This past year (2010), we actually exceeded 10%! Why do we do this? Because everything we have, everything we receive belongs to God.

By acknowledging this fact as our first and foremost reality, we give back to him, in the person of the poor and needy, from the community level, not just individually.

As our expectation is that our parish members will at least tithe (give 10% +), and that many of our members do exactly this, they have confidence knowing that this is not something which is used as a money raising ‘gimmick’ – it is how we live our lives in Christ.

Property information

St. George currently leases space for worship, fellowship, classes and meetings. Thanks to a generous donation, we do own 2 acres of land off of Green Rd, the eventual physical home of a new Temple dedicated to St. George and our Lord Jesus Christ.

We eventually need locations for much more, including a consecrated Orthodox Christian cemetery, mission center, school, clinic, orphanage, monastery, and more. You can be part of this vision. In our current situation, we are looking for a new location to worship and grow.

We confidently pray that God will guide us to our new home, and with the prayers and support of those who desire to build up the Body of Christ, we know that this will take place soon.