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Nativity of the Theotokos

Nativity of Theotokos
“Today the barren gates are opened and the virgin Door of God comes forth. Today grace begins to bear its first fruits, making manifest to the world the Mother of God, through whom things on earth are joined with heaven, for the salvation of our souls.” Brothers and Sisters,...

Church School Information

Sunday School Class List Group 1: Preschool- Carissa Maxwell (928)202-2654, Assisted by Kristi Spreng 602-616-2040 Group 2- Elementary- Isabel Flack (520)461-6495 Assisted by Jesse Blum (928)442-6014 Group 3- Kristen Freedman (928)916-0661 & Raymond Zogob (928)443-0766 Group 4- Ty F...

Feast of Dormition

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“O pure Virgin, thou hast won the honour of victory over nature by bringing forth God; yet like thy Son and Creator, thou hast submitted to the laws of nature in a manner above nature. Therefore, dying thou hast risen to live eternally with thy Son.” (From Ode I, First Canon...